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African Skin Diseases

Africanskindiseases is an educational website designed to provide access to information and high quality dermatology images of common African skin diseases.
This website is meant to be a practical guide for general practitioners, health care workers, students and all other health workers in Africa

This website is based on

  • 1. Chapter 8 of the thesis ‘Skin diseases among schoolchildren in Africa’ (ISBN: 978-94-6191-497-2) by Arjan Hogewoning, Sjan Lavrijsen and Colette van Hees.
  • 2. ‘Common Skin Diseases in Africa. An illustrated Guide’ by Colette van Hees and Ben Naafs (ISBN/EAN: 978-90-808016-2).
  • 3. 'HIV Related Skin Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Afirca. An illustrated guide' by Merja Kousa,
    and Cornelus Sanders Kopijyvä Oy, Jyväskylä 2006 (ISBN:952-92-0163-X)
  • 4. Dermatological Preparations for the Tropics. A formulary of dermatological preparations and background information on choices, production and dispensing.
    (2012) Peter Bakker, Herman Woerdenbag, Vincent Gooskens, Ben Naafs, Rachel van der Kaaij and Nicolien Wieringa (ISBN: 978-90-367-5698-3)

The information is accessible by clicking on the icons. There is a PDF available (to download) of all contributions. Furthermore of ‘Skin diseases among schoolchildren
in Africa’ there is a Wikistructure.

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Skin Diseases among Children in Africa

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Common Skin Diseases in Africa

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HIV related skin diseases and sexually transmitted infections in Africa

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Dermatological Preparations for the Tropics

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