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The importance of skin diseases is often overlooked. They are usually not life-threatening and tend to be "shrugged away." Skin diseases are, however, a significant problem all over the world. In 1996 11,3% of the new attendances presenting at all OPD's in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe concerned skin diseases (Masvingo Health Profile 1996, HIS Office, PMD Masvingo). These figures are similar elsewhere. This guide originated there to provide a quick and easy reference for diagnosis and management of common skin diseases in Zimbabwean clinics and hospitals (Common skin diseases in Zimbabwe, an illustrated guide, ISBN:90-90135588) In order to facilitate the use of the guide in East and West Africa as well as in Southern Africa Dr Ben Naafs has joined me in preparing the current edition. His helpful comments and contributions on leprosy and other common skin diseases occurring outside of Southern Africa have broadened its scope substantially Our sincere thanks go to everyone who supported us in preparing this book and notably Jan Sterken of Studio Oss for producing the book on a non-profit basis. We would especially like to thank the patients who appear in this book for allowing us to use their photographs for publication.

Colette van Hees MD was a consultant dermatologist at Leiden University Hospital before moving to Masvingo, Zimbabwe, where she ran a Dermatology Referral Clinic at Masvingo Provincial Hospital from 1996-1999.

Ben Naafs MD, PhD worked as a dermatologist in developing countries as Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Brazil for over 10 years. And he was head OPD Dermatology at Dijkzigt Ziekenhuis, Erasmus University,Rotterdam for almost 10 years.

You can Download the illustrated guide (6MB) here:

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