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This website reflects the wish of putting acquired knowledge and information into a format which is useful in daily practice in Africa.
It describes the epidemiology, etiology and pathogenesis, clinical symptoms and the management and treatment of common and typically
tropical skin diseases among children in Africa.
The described management of the diseases is experience based. There is little evidence based pharmacotherapy in children.

The website is based on Chapter 8 by Arjan Hogewoning, Sjan Lavrijsen en Colette van Hees of the thesis ‘Skin diseases among schoolchildren in Africa’ (ISBN: 978-94-6191-497-2.
The photographs were provided by Arjan Hogewoning, Sjan Lavrijsen, Colette van Hees, Ben Naafs, Johan van der Stek and Rosemarie Moser.

This website is meant to be a practical guide for general practitioners, health care workers, students and all others who are working in the
medical field. The list of skin diseases described is far from complete and will benefit from continuous improvements and additions.
Although the website is freely accessible, the quality of the content is guaranteed by a group of Dutch dermatologists with a special
interest in tropical skin diseases.

You can Download (2MB) chapter 8 from ‘Skin diseases among schoolchildren in Africa’ here:

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